Kunstlijn Haarlem 2018
2,3 and 4 

The ‘Kunstlijn Haarlem’ is an annual visual arts event which takes place during the first weekend of November in Haarlem and the surrounding villages. There are over 200 artists exhibiting their work, in for example special exhibitions, a Night of the Galleries, an ‘atelier route’ and ‘Chambres d’Amis’.

Every year, thousands of interested people visit this art event.
A central exhibition in the centre of Haarlem features work of each participating artists, and a map of all locations and events is available here as well.

Every year you were are all very welcome to visit my studio exhibition at Jan Bontelaan 6, Haarlem.
This year 2018 I will not exhibited in my studio but presented in: 

De Hoofdwacht,
Grote Markt 17

2, 3 and 4 November 2018

Kunstlijnen, tijden en grenzen

The  exhibition takes place on occassion of the 
Haarlemse Kunstlijn 2018

5-7 Borders Series, 2018,  special edition

9x9xh9 cm

Wim Borst - ceramics/porcelain
Jeannette de Bruin - 
Kees Juffermans - objects 
Svitlana Mikeienko - paintings
Rosita van Wingerden - jewelry

More information is available from my website, pages News at  
the end of October as well as in the October newsletter.

General information about the ‘Kunstlijn Haarlem’ can be found
on their website